Customs Rules and Procedures

All the necessary procedures for customs clearance and customs relations are carried out by the declarants of our company.

According to the Revenue Service, the declaration of parcels is a service independent from the postal shipping service and is subject to taxation. Because of this from November 1, 2021, the declaration service becomes paid and in case of online parcels the declaration fee is 5 GEL, and in case of personal parcels - 15 GEL.

Declarant service fee can be paid both online and in our office. See the Declaration Services Invoice in your personal room.

From May 14, 2022, the new amendment was added to the law. Changes will be made to Decree No. 201 of the Government of Georgia. According to the amendment, the Government of Georgia, imposes additional tax on customs services.

For goods worth from 300 to 3,000 GEL - the amount for customs services will be 20 GEL;

For goods valued between 3,000 GEL and 10,000 GEL, - the amount for customs services will be - 100 GEL.

The tax will be paid to the account of the Treasury of Georgia before the declaration is printed and the customs fee is paid.

When is the parcel subject to customs clearance?

  • According to the legislation of Georgia, goods worth more than 300 GEL, or weighing more than 30 kg or homogeneous goods are subject to customs clearance.
  • If the parcels you subscribe to fall on one flight and their total cost is more than 300 GEL, they shall also be subject to customs clearance.

For example: if 2 parcels of 200 GEL and 101 GEL purchased from arrive on one flight, they shall be subject to customs clearance.

  • If the parcels you have subscribed from different sites  are dispatched on the same flight and their value is more than 300 GEL, the parcels shall not be subject to customs clearance.

For example: If 2 parcels you subscribe to and for 201 GEL and 100 GEL arrived on one flight, they will not be subject to customs clearance.

What is the customs clearance procedure?

  • Customs cleared parcel comes from customs to our office, we shall print the declaration and take out the parcel.
  • The amount of customs clearance, payment deadline and bank details of the Georgian Treasury are indicated in the declaration and you can pay it in any bank.

What documents are required to clear the parcel?

  • In case the parcel is subject to customs clearance, the customer must upload an invoice / purchase order on our site, where the recipient's name, surname, room number, parcel contents and total value are recorded.


What happens if the customer does not pay the customs clearance fee on time?

  • The customer is responsible for customs clearance of cargo and timely payment of VAT.
  • If you do not pay the amount of customs clearance within the period specified in the declaration, you will be additionally charged interest under the legislation of Georgia.



How much is the customs duty?

Customs duty is 18% of the cost of products and transportation.



Why is it necessary to declare the item before arrival? 

  • If the parcel is not declared at the time of its arrival, it will be delayed at customs for 5 working days.
  • If you do not declare the parcel during 5 working days after the arrival of the parcel in Georgia, it will be automatically handed over to the state for further disposal. Note that if several parcels together cross the border in the name of the customer, and only part is undeclared, customs will stop both declared and undeclared parcels. After the expiration of the 5 working day period, according to the law, all parcels together are transferred to the ownership of the state.


What are the working hours of the declarants?

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 21:00

Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00

Sunday: Non-working day

* Note:

(1) According to the new rules of the Revenue Service, in case of incorrectly indicated value by the recipient of the parcel in the declaration, penalties shall be provided.

(2) When purchasing an item in a non-EU country, if the value of the item is or exceeds EUR 25 and you order the item at the address of an EU Member State, the item will have to be cleared through customs (crossing the EU border).

For example: If you register the item from China to a Greek address and the item costs or is taken for 25 euros, the item will be subject to customs clearance when crossing the Greek border.

(3) When purchasing an item from outside Turkey and you order the item at the address of Turkey warehouse, the item will have gave to be cleared through customs - up to 18% (crossing the Turkey border).

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