Online Parcels

Inex Group allows you to subscribe to the desired item from any online store. We will bring it to Georgia at a low price as soon as possible and distribute it through regional offices throughout the country, at no extra charge.

How does the service work?

By registering on our site you will be given personal mailing addresses in eight countries: USA, China, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Greece Turkey and Cyprus. These addresses are used to indicate when ordering products in online stores.


To what extent is access to the address of 8 countries convenient for the user?

The choice of addresses allows you to subscribe to many more sites and when subscribing to indicate the country in which the cost of internal transportation (shipping) is cheaper or faster.


How to subscribe?

To learn how to subscribe, visit the page - How to subscribe. You can also use the free subscription support service.


How much does it cost to transport parcels and what are the bonus points?

The cost of transporting the parcel depends on its weight and from which country you expect it.

Through the bonus points system, Up to 5% of the amount paid will be returned to you as bonus points. You will be able to pay the transportation fee with the accumulated bonus points.

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