Prohibited Items

Through Inex Group it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages (up to 4 liters) and perfumes only if you indicate in the "shipping address" our addresses in Germany, Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Transportation from Turkey, Germany, Greece and Italy is done by land, so it is also possible to bring products that are not shipped by air.

Georgian law prohibits sending the following items by mail:

  •  Real money, coins or banknotes;
  •  Bank and credit cards and other securities;
  •  Food products;
  •  Explosives;
  •  Land and seedlings with soil;
  •  Pornographic products;
  •  Live animals;
  •  Any kind of drugs, products containing narcotic substances;
  •  Plants containing narcotic or psychotropic substances or their seeds;
  •  Psychotropic substances;
  •  Medicines (more than 10 packs);
  •  Plant seeds (more than 25 grams);

List of prohibited items by country:

  • USA  -  liquids, magnet, gun, weapon parts, target, live flowers, drone battery as well as products with explosive and flammable packaging, including: spray, sprayer, deodorant, aerosol, perfume.
  • Great Britain -   products with explosive and flammable packaging, including spray, sprayer, deodorant, aerosol, perfume, nail polish and other products containing acetone.
  • China -  weapon,  weapon parts, target, candle, lighter (including electric lighter), powder, pressed powder, toothpaste, eye shadows, knives, scissors and similar sharp objects, toy guns, electric cigarette, power bank, battery, liquids, paint, felt-tip pen, plants, medical supplies, items (only items are allowed) If it comes with an item (for example - a cell phone) and cosmetics such as manicures, acetone, creams, etc.;  products with explosive and flammable packaging, including: spray, spray, deodorizer, aerosol and perfume.
  • Turkey - Medicines.
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