Domestic deliveries by Inex Group!

Send parcels to your preferred city or regional center at the best rates.

What are the shipment terms?

Packages are shipped based on actual weight daily, with transportation durations ranging from 1-4 days.

Special rates apply to Inex online parcel users.

Shipping rates:

Special Tariffs
  • 1 kg 1 GEL
  • Minimum fee - 5 GEL
Standard Tariffs
  • 1 kg 1.2 GEL
  • Minimum fee - 6 GEL
Great news!

Inex Group has initiated domestic deliveries across Georgia!

Now you can send parcels to any city or regional center at an exclusive price!

If you use the Inex Group online parcel service, special rates await you!

Check out the details.

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